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Born in 1969 to immigrants from India, who instilled within me the core values of hard work.  I went to university graduated as an Accountant, a profession that I worked in for over 22 years.

However my true passion has always been in the realm of physical fitness and I knew from a young age that I wanted to be involved in the fitness industry somehow.

In my 20s exercise was an addiction—a therapy of sorts—rather than a planned-out component of a healthy lifestyle. I was living to exercise rather than exercising to live, and I certainly wasn’t eating right—food was an enemy, rather than nourishment. At the age of 25 I was borderline anorexic, weighing just 7 stone (98 pounds)—I’m five foot seven!

“Getting into great shape is not about adhering to a gimmicky diet, or working out until you are physically and mentally exhausted; it’s about dedicating yourself to a healthy lifestyle change that will ensure you see great results now and in the years to come.”

After a very difficult learning curve, I turned my life around. I embraced the less is more approach.  My sessions in the gym became less frequent but more intense and by making small changes in my eating habits.   Now, in my 50s, as a mother of three, I’ve never been fitter or healthier.

Remember: In life, you’re never defined by your failures, or the mistakes you make, but by how you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and learn from those experiences. I will utilise the knowledge gained from my experiences and I will give you my unwavering support and guidance to ensure that you become the fittest person you can possibly be.

I’ve overcome many hurdles and health issues related to doing things the wrong way and I want to ensure that you do things the right way, straight off the bat.    Let’s take that journey together.

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