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Super-A Fitness


SUPER-A TRAINING TARGETS different muscle groups with enough effort to create a total muscle increase.

It is used by an increasingly higher number of women and older people; to reduce abdominal fat and increase their metabolism. Recent research shows that resistance training is better for heart health, challenging the commonly held assumptions that running, or walking offers more benefits to the heart. It has also been found that resistance training has a greater effect than the equivalent amount of dynamic exercises, including running, walking and cycling. GPs are being told that they should prescribe resistance training to pensioners to help reverse frailty, after a study found that muscle resistance training, as well as more protein or protein supplements, were the most effective frailty interventions. Our 3-month program mirrors a study from University College London, that states it takes 66 days to form a habit. Our tailored program can help transform your body and mind to start you on a path towards better physical health and improved mental health.


SUPER-A’S ARE generally ‘into’ healthier eating are more concerned about being healthy as a way of preventing disease, rather than looking to overcome a specific one.

We will demonstrate how healthy diet doesn’t have to mean relinquishing all pleasures; there is a healthy balance. We need certain things in our diets, how much of them we need depends on what we do in our daily lives. It is generally acknowledged that we eat too much processed food now, that we eat too much full stop, that too much sugar is bad for you.
If fat loss is your thing the only way to lose fat and keep it off is not the calories in/out equation. Calories matter, but hormones matter more. Calories don’t control metabolism – hormones do. Calories don’t determine what type of weight you will lose and where you may lose it from – hormones do. Calories have little influence over hunger, cravings, energy and mood – but hormones do. A by-product of good health is improved hormonal health that enables fat levels to normalise.

Super-A Mentality

WAYNE LÈAL’S COACHING enabled Former Middleweight Boxing Champion Darren to overcome choking before his world title fight against Daniel Geale in Atlantic City.

Wayne said that feeling good about ourselves and maximising our potential involves a series of small psychological and physical changes rather than one giant leap to start you off towards improved body image, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
When we are born, our confidence is perfectly intact but diminishes during our childhood. Everyone loses a little of it, but sometimes it is down to circumstances. And at some stage in most people’s lives, they need to conquer their lack of confidence. There is no magic pill, but when we know and value who we are, it manifests itself in the form of a great feeling about ourselves. This confidence helps us go on to make better choices and better decisions in private and business lives.

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