A Fresh Approach to Online Wellbeing And Fitness

WITH THE INCREDIBLE lifestyle shift that the pandemic has forced upon everyone Super-A Club are offering inexpensive membership and online classes in response to Covid-19, to train people at home. The classes held by specialist senior teachers from across the world, they are over 40-years-of-age, with a minimum of ten-years of body movement experience. They provide a wide range of practices ranging from Yoga to Zumba and Tai Chi to boxing.


ASK THE SUPER-A.CLUB baby-Boomer generation about growing old gracefully and the collective reply is “No thank you”. Turning 40 is crossing the threshold into middle age a time when we begin to put on weight more easily, take longer to get fit and the body takes longer to recover from niggling injuries. Super-A.Club retreats are the closest you will get to an exercise pill. To combat age-related changes and keep you looking years younger than you actually are.