RESET YOUR LIFESTYLE button. Only 5% of the population reach Super-A (biologically younger than their chronological age) status. They don’t need the gym to stay motivated – they have a internalised behavioural expectation that inspires them to become as fit as they can be. They also have a collective goal to achieve and maintain the height-waist ratio standard. Where a piece of string that matches their height, can be folded in half then fit around their waist.  Join our tribe of like-minded people and enjoy the bonds of encouragement: something money can’t buy; priceless.

SUPER-A.CLUB, for devotees of health, fitness, nutrition and mindfulness, bringing the Journal, website, and podcast to life.

Privileged access to the people and places we feature on our journal and podcast.

Exclusive events that promise thoughtful, intelligent and lively conversations, and glimpses behind closed doors

Learn from the most talented creatives in their field, including dietary tips from the finest nutritionists and watching athletes at work in their training.

Access training videos, one-to-one training sessions via skype/zoom; they are convenient, with no geographical barriers.

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ASK THE SUPER-A.CLUB baby-Boomer generation about growing old gracefully and the collective reply is “No thank you”. Turning 40 is crossing the threshold into middle age a time when we begin to put on weight more easily, take longer to get fit and the body takes longer to recover from niggling injuries. Super-A.Club retreats are the closest you will get to an exercise pill. To combat age-related changes and keep you looking years younger than you actually are.