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Super-A Podcast


IN THIS SERIES of Super-A the Journey podcasts, we explore if learning through movement, rather than pure intellect, will inspire people of all ages to adopt a healthier lifestyle. For the 40-plus every year is a goal to defy age and achieve the ultimate looks victory – to become a Super-Ager when nobody can guess how old you are. Let’s foster changing the face of fitness together.

Fred Busch

Fred Busch is the director of Miami Yoga, and a Leader in the field of Human Nutrition. 

Geeta Vara

She helps her client’s to resolve a host of complaints and health conditions…

Bonni Southey

 Numerologist Bonni Southey regards numbers as symbols, each with a deep significance.

Valerian Spicer

Most 30-year olds under -estimate their potential – if only they knew!- well here is the evidence.

Charlie Duffield

Professional light-heavyweight boxer Charlie Duffield has a self-effacing…

Dr. Adrian Woolfson

Geneticist Dr. Adrian Woolfson has over a decade of biopharmaceutical experience…

Alex Fergus

Helps you to transform your health and body to not only look amazing but als feel amazingl!

Marcus Bankes

Marcus Bankes Consultant Hip Surgeon BSc (Hons), FRCS (Orth) says the tennis…

Lilias Ahmeira

Lilias Ahmeria has been at the forfront of wellness for over twenty years.

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