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Why You Need A Travel Agent

by | 12th Oct 2021

TRAVEL AGENTS ARE back!  In the last few years, the process of booking travel for many of us has become second nature, but to say the last year has thrown everything up in the air is an understatement.

Although many of us are keen to get away as soon as we can, there are many uncertainties.  When can we go? Which are the green countries, the amber ones, the red ones? Who is deciding this and why? What is the impact if we travel to a green country and it changes colour while we are drinking our Sangria?

What’s the worry if we’ve all been vaccinated? Why do we have to have three tests sold to us at a ridiculous price?  People are forced to quarantine in a hotel at the cost of thousands of pounds. Does this really make sense?

The pleasure of travel has taken a serious blow.  Spontaneity is a dirty word.  The people that provide travel services, for example airlines, and holiday companies have taken a hit to their industry. Countries that rely on tourism for much of their income have been seriously affected. They don’t have a welfare state or an incredibly generous furlough scheme on offer and, as always, the poorest countries, have taken the worst hit. Africa, the wildlife parks, Egypt and its historical treasures, beautiful Greece and its islands.

How do we navigate this minefield?

The spotlight falls once again on the value of a good travel agent. Booking your own flights and accommodation in many cases can be a bit cheaper but what happens if things are cancelled or conditions change? Customers are going to want guarantees about safety on planes, in transit and in the case that countries do not unlock, or circumstances change, they want the process of changing their plans or getting a refund to be simple and stress free. The trusted travel agent comes to the rescue!

Put your trust in a travel agent

Travel Counsellors are a tried and tested travel broker. One single point of contact is offered, plus the peace of mind that your money is protected under Travel Counsellors unique financial protection trust.  Travel is about so many things. Yes, it’s about airlines, accommodation, luxury, adventure, culture and cuisine. But at the heart of it, it’s about people.  The people who can help you here in the UK and the people you’ll be meeting in your new destination. Travel is in our DNA. The human race is the only species that has colonised every corner and every climate of our extraordinary world.

Now more than ever, trust matters.  You need to be able to trust your travel agent 100%. Travel Counsellors have a 97% satisfaction rating on trust pilot. They can tailor make your holiday to include any extras you might fancy. They will be with you every step of the way as you dip back into the new world of travel post covid.

Travel agents are the future

It has been a torrid time for the travel industry. Booking habits are changing however, and the value of working with a trusted travel professional is emerging once again.  Journalist and broadcaster, Eamonn Holmes was credited recently as saying “Booking with travel agents was seen as the past, now it’s the future.”

If we want things to return to the way they were for us travel addicts, talking to a real person and a trusted professional is the way forward. Take the hassle and uncertainty out of booking your next holiday and let’s give a shout out to the human travel agent!


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