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What 3 Words?

by | 21st Jan 2021

“If there is one App you should have on your phone, it’s this one!”

I AM HOPING that many of you have heard of it or already have this app on your device.  If not, you really should – it may even save your or someone else’s life someday!

It’s a very clever concept whereby the creator has divided up the whole world into 3-metre squares and assigned 3 words to each square.  The words never change and they tie in with latitude and longitude as accurately as GPS.

We are all getting out and exploring our countryside a lot more – both for exercise and to escape from the confines of our homes.  Now just imagine you are out for a walk, in a remote area you are not familiar with and come across someone who has fallen and broken their ankle.  Or you are driving along and spot a fire – it turns out it’s a car alight – you don’t know the name of the road.  You might have come off your bike and know you have damaged yourself to the point where you need to summon an ambulance.

How on Earth are you going to start to describe where you are to an emergency call handler (who is also unfamiliar with the area) when all you know is that you need help fast?

Open the app – which is free – and wait for the magic 3 words to pop up on the screen – recite the words to the emergency services and they will be able to plot you on an Ordnance Survey map and deploy help straight away.

You can use the app to search for an address, pinpoint your exact location, or relay a meeting point, even down to which entrance of a public building you are waiting by.  It can also help you navigate from A to B – it’s easy to link it to Google Maps.  What 3 Words also has many applications within the business world, from logistics to security, to e-commerce and automotives.

Do yourself a favour, get the App and have a bit of fun pin-pointing familiar locations – it could even be a good party game!  Right, I’m off for a walk around paused.spit.future – come and find me – oh, and get the App!

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