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Wham Bam

by | 26th Oct 2021

WHETHER YOU GO to the gym or attend classes daily, or – like me – when working life means wearing fitness gear all day, you will get through a lot of laundry in a week of workouts.

While there is a lot of high-tech gear out there, much of it will not stand the test of time and will end up being literally washed to bits within its short life.

I won’t argue some the benefits of manmade fibres (basically plastics), but many people prefer to wear naturally-sourced clothing, due to its sustainability, durability and comfort.

Bamboo is one of those natural fibres that can be under-rated, but it is supersoft, stays fresh and is definitely sustainable.

Fortunately, I found BAM ( who are leading the way with an attractive and comprehensive range of active and athleisure wear, all made using bamboo fibre.

BAM are serious about their clothing being comfortable and they are also serious about being climate positive.  They have measured the carbon emissions created by customers laundering their products (26%) and offset all of those emissions; starting from harvesting the bamboo right through to 50 customer washes.  Even their packaging is biodegradable!  The result is that they can boast a net zero carbon footprint.

Their Enduro leggings are a good fit with a nice high, deep waistband and a firming feel.  Their T-Shirts (I have a gathered hem one) is super-soft and drapes in a very flattering way.  The crop tops are adjustable, comfortable to wear all day and supportive for low impact workouts.

Not only are they helping to save the earth, their clothes won’t cost the earth either.

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