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Wattbike Targets ‘Real Athletes’

by | 10th Nov 2021

WATTBIKE THE ORIGINAL smart bike manufacturer, has launched its first major brand campaign to challenge penthouse perceptions of home cycling, as it pushes its beginner-to-superstar credentials to a wider home fitness audience.

The ‘For Real Athletes’ campaign, introduces us to a world of determined everyday and professional athletes, finding unique ways to integrate Wattbikes into their lives and routines to achieve their fitness goals.  

Wattbike has been the mainstay of professional conditioning programmes for a long list of elite teams and performers around the world over the last 10 years.

Serving up a very British antidote to a category awash with pristine portrayals of home fitness, Wattbike’s campaign shows real people working out after a long shift, squeezing in a session before breakfast or on daddy-duty and whilst borrowing an ironing board as a makeshift laptop stand.

Ed Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer at Wattbike, added, “We’ve always led from the front at Wattbike, and whilst we know the prevailing winds of the industry tempt us to believe every smart bike deserves its own hand-crafted plinth on a balcony overlooking a famous landmark, we know our customers have just one goal – to get fitter.

That’s why we’ve chosen to celebrate their determination and commitment in an authentic way and create a new community of Real Athletes with this campaign.”

Matt Hunt, Executive Brand & Strategy Director for MATTA, says: “What we wanted to do with this brief was to flip the traditional fitness advert on its head, showing the ‘real’ side of getting and keeping fit around other commitments, how life gets in the way – and how not everyone has the perfect, home built gym in which to train.

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