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Walk My Talk

by | 31st Mar 2020

THE MINUTE WE think we know everything – is when we know nothing! This statement is the mantra I have always lived by, especially when it pertains to the fitness profession.

It all started when I was a 10 stone (140lbs), 8-year-old, whose Dad happened to be a Rabbi. We lived in an area of western Massachusetts with a lot of tough Irish and Italian working-class folk. Being bullied because of my Dad’s status and my physical shape forced me to change, to start training to get into shape, or get my butt kicked in on a regular basis. In fact, I became so motivated I was good enough at high school wrestling to take second place in the nation at my weight class. The way I thought then is how I think now: “No choice is the best choice“ – it keeps me motivated to stay on top of my game!

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