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Volcanic Fabric

by | 7th Dec 2021

ONE OF MY favourite yoga tees is super-soft and is so light that it gives you the feeling that you’ve nothing on!  It drapes beautifully, and the style is just a little different from the high street norm.  It doesn’t need washing after every wear (due to the hi-tech fabric) and, when it does comes off the washing line, it looks like new.

Cucumber Clothing’s 37.5 fabrics have permanently embedded active particles weaved into them, made from volcanic sand, with billions of micropores to massively increase the surface area of the material.  The particles absorb the infra-red light from the spectrum that the human body emits and this light becomes energy to power up the particles.  If moisture, ie sweat vapour, is present then the particles use this energy to move moisture out of the cloth.  So you literally stay ‘as cool as a cucumber’.

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