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VAHA Fitness Mirror

by | 28th Jun 2021

YOU ONLY HAVE to look at the rise of hi-tech spin bike Peloton to know that connected home exercise equipment is a growing trend in the fitness world.

The latest innovation that promises to bring the boutique gym experience direct to your living room is the Vaha X ( – a large but incredibly discreet wall-mounted or floor standing mirror that doubles as a digital personal trainer.

Vaha has over 100 on-demand classes pre-loaded into the mirror, as well as a rolling timetable of live classes throughout the day that you can book into and join. Think of it like a digital boutique gym that covers fitness, wellness and recovery.

The Vaha X is really unique from other fitness gadgets, as it has a 43″ full HD touchscreen under its reflective surface, as well as four 64W speakers, a microphone, and a built-in 120 degree IMX Sony camera for chatting to your instructor during personal training sessions.

The mirror costs either a one-time fee of £1,950, or it can be purchased in monthly instalments of £50 over 39 months. Users then pay a monthly basic membership of £39 to access the platform, which includes a free personal training session each month.

The price also includes a heart rate monitor (which can be synced to the mirror to give you accurate data feedback), as well as resistance bands, a camera cover, and a microfibre cloth and spray for cleaning fingerprints.

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