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Tried and Failed or Tried and Tried?

by | 12th Oct 2021

WE’VE ALL SIGNED-UP to something – feeling genuinely motivated, driven, fired-up, can’t wait to get started – but after the initial rush simply allow it to fall by the wayside.  We come up with excuses, higher priorities, more excuses, until we get so tired of failing that we simply park it and give up.

I confess that I have failed.

I was given a great opportunity to work through the BeSophro course ‘Move Forward with Positivity’.  As a yoga teacher, healthcare worker and recent divorcee I thought that I would be able to relate to this, that it would help me start a new chapter in my life, and apply the experience both professionally and personally.  I started the course several times, but I simply couldn’t get into it.   Ironic, isn’t it?!

Now, the timing might not have been great.  Trying to embrace any new commitment while you are working through a divorce that you have initiated at the tender age of 57 is not ideal.   I have a track record of similar fails too.  I’ve gone through long periods of depression, measured as ‘mild to moderate’ and could never get on with CBT – my CBT Therapist referred me to a MIND Counsellor instead!   Another time, I attended an introductory Mindfulness session, fully intending to embark on their 12-week programme, but left the session after crying most of my way through it and with the course facilitator’s summation being; “I’m sorry, the time obviously isn’t right for you to embark on this path”!

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