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  2. Transformed by Sport

Transformed by Sport

by | 6th Sep 2021

THIS PAST YEAR-and-a-half has highlighted many things, not least that physical activity truly is a lifeline. For Paralympian long-jumper and runner, Stef Reid MBE, the benefits of exercise – sports in particular – are loud and clear.

“Sport was the thing that saved me after my accident,” says Reid, 36, who lost her lower right leg and foot aged 15. “It was the catalyst that transformed my life, how I thought about myself and what I thought was possible. It gave me my confidence. I want that for every young woman.”

As it stands though, many are missing out. The sports gender gap is no secret, and while lots of people have been doing amazing work to change it, there’s still a way to go. Nearly one in three girls drop out of sport during puberty, according to a recent survey of 1,000 girls and 1,000 adults. They also found 50% of women who let go of sports as teens later wished they’d stuck with it.

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