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Toxic Masculinity

by | 30th Dec 2021

WHAT IS HAPPENING in our society, and why does the phrase “Toxic Male” occur? I’m not a psychologist, but I have lived a challenging life and am astute enough to see how young men are negatively portrayed in the media to behave in a violent and aggressive way.

I’m all for awareness around helping young men’s mental health and well-being and asking for help when they need it. But don’t tar every masculine male with the same brush, as all the men I know are firm, not aggressive or violent in order to prove their masculinity.

My mother raised three boys single-handedly and she didn’t push back against generational, cultural norms. She adapted them, so my brothers and I had a sense of strength, individuality, and the ability to be open and expressive about our feelings. Yes, there was an expectation for us as men to behave in a particular way. And the phrase ‘man up’ – or ‘only girls cry’ were learned at school, not at home.

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