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This is Mo

by | 24th Nov 2021

“BEING PART OF this community means everything to me.”  When Mo Bouamri, General Manager of Nuffield Health Fulham, spoke about Super-A’s Hood Fitness collaboration with Nuffield Health and David Lloyd, he said he was proud to be part of it, to reach out to his community and look beyond the business of fitness.

After the event, he met with Josh Salzmann and talked about his background, and what drives him forwards.

He grew up and has stayed in the area for the best part of 40 years, starting out as a young footballer who was snapped up by Queens Park Rangers’ School of Excellence, which he attended from the age of 11.  He continued his career with them beyond school and decided to play semi-professionally, as a centre mid-fielder, being able to play with both feet and maintain high energy levels.

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