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The Why of SUPER-A

by | 4th Sep 2020

THE PUBLICATION OF my book Lone WOLF Becoming a Super-Ager determined the direction of my ambition to create the Super-A Wellness brand. I’m proud to be called: Mr. Super-A and to be a guest trainer at several of the world’s top spas. Yet, no matter where I was in the world, the consistent overriding message from people of my age is that they are more interested in looking good, rather than looking younger and that it’s not about age it’s about mindset.

The beauty industry is worth trillions of pounds but actress Helen Mirren’s off-the-cuff remark at a beauty industry event: “moisturiser probably does fuck all,” is not that far from the truth. Super-A is at an embryonic stage: the aim is to change the image and ageing conversation – this is not another euphemism you can’t understand.

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