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The Spirit of Ahimsa

by | 14th Apr 2021

I DIDN’T GO TO YOGA.  At least, not to the pro-active, psoas-activating practice I had intended. Instead, I surrendered to my inner signs to soften and let go of the pressure I had felt to ‘achieve’. In doing so, I embraced the spirit of Ahimsa. So, rather than rush to my yoga class, I went for a barefoot walk in the waves on the nearby beach and practised wild warrior flows, whilst inhaling the scent of the sea. As I sat on a sun-kissed rock to meditate, I felt strong and enlivened yet at peace. “Ah ha”, I reflected.  “This is what embracing the spirit of ahimsa is all about.”

The Yamas and the Niyamas are the yogic moral and ethical codes, the guidelines for all our relationships, from those with others and the greater world around us, to our innermost self. Practising these Yamas and Niyamas, says Patanjali, offers us endless possibilities for self-transformation. Beginning with Ahimsa – the first Yama – we can weave yoga’s magic into enhancing the whole of our life tapestry.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought” – Buddha

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