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  2. The Power of Water

The Power of Water

by | 16th Aug 2021

I EASILY HIT the Government target of two hours and 20 minutes of exercise per week. But I still had a less than toned body that I wanted; why?

At the age of 54, I can no longer blame my metabolism because a study from Aberdeen University (published in the journal Science) followed 6,400 people from eight days old up to the age of 95. Suggests that a person’s metabolism remains “rock solid” throughout midlife – and only starts to decline from the age of 60.

Professor John Speakman said, “It’s a picture we’ve never really seen before, and there are a lot of surprises in it.” He went on to say, “The most surprising thing for me is there is no change throughout adulthood. If you are experiencing middle-life spread, you can no longer blame it on a declining metabolic rate.”

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