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The Gold Standard of Warmth

by | 30th Dec 2021

Columbia Sportswear has unveiled their Omni-Heat™ Infinity – the next evolution in thermal-reflective warmth collection.

BUILDING ON COLUMBIA’S successful and award-winning Omni-Heat insulation platform, Omni-Heat Infinity debuts a striking new gold metallic lining material in a pattern scientifically engineered to optimize warmth and breathability.

Inspired by the reflective technology used by NASA, the enhanced pattern of gold metallic dots reflect and retains natural body heat, delivering instant and lightweight warmth without compromising breathability or adding bulk.

The new patented technology will be available this Autumn in a number of jackets, boots and accessories, making it one of the largest technology launches in company history.

Columbia’s Omni-Heat technology comes at a time when outdoor participation is on the rise, with their mission to help keep people warm and comfortable as they enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors.

The inaugural season of Omni-Heat Infinity features an array of technical jackets, winter footwear, hats, and gloves for men and women.

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