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  2. The Best Cardio Workout EVER

The Best Cardio Workout EVER

by | 21st Jan 2021

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT cardiovascular exercise, also called “aerobic exercise,” is essential for keeping healthy and fit. Still, most people don’t know that using a mini-trampoline is probably the most effective way to do it. “Rebounding” has been around for decades, and it remains a mystery why it is not more popular than running or swimming – because it should be! Recent scientific research reveals a multitude of benefits, particularly when it comes to cardiovascular strength.

In a nutshell, cardio workouts are those that increase oxygen consumption and trigger your body’s aerobic metabolism to burn additional fats and carbohydrates to provide energy. This increased metabolic rate helps with weight control and boosts energy, but aerobic exercise’s overall effect is much more extensive. Cardio workouts strengthen the heart, increase lung capacity, improve stamina, lower blood pressure, maintain joint flexibility, control blood sugar levels, energise your immune system…and increase your life expectancy, for starters.

The human body needs to be physically active during waking hours. Before machines started to rule our lives, daily activities – anything from doing the washing (by hand) to gathering food – were the equivalent of a good workout. Unless we compensate for our relative inactivity daily, we become vulnerable to a host of health issues, from heart disease to obesity to many cancer forms.

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