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Teaching Jumpga

by | 1st Jan 2021

IN MY 15 YEARS of working in ‘body movement’, including the last 5 years as a Senior Jumpga Instructor, and Yoga Teacher, I take every opportunity that comes my way to ‘spread the word’ about the magic of rebounding and Jumpga. =

There are 4 things I inevitably get told by prospective and new students: “I am not sure I can do this because I have”: (1) ‘wear and tear’ pain or arthritis in the neck, hip, knee, ankle etc; (2) a back problem/injury; (3) a weak pelvic floor; (4) no sense of balance.

These are the very reasons people SHOULD do rebounding – these are all the problems I was facing; I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in my knees which prevented me from being able to run any more, I had the odd ‘whoops’ moments when I laughed, despite mountain-biking a lot, my balance was shocking and, oh, my back!  Now, those problems are largely gone, because I have modified my exercise regime – and regular Jumpga has saved the day!

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