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by | 16th Jul 2021

SUSTAINABILITY IS A hot topic nowadays.  From renewable energy to responsible food harvesting, there are many methods that people are learning to be better stewards of our resources.

One topic that isn’t discussed all that often is the concept of sustainable fitness.  Like other resources that have limited availability, your mental and physical state also have limits.  Our US-based Super-A, Kim (#kimyoungatanyage), explains more.

“So, I was in Chicago last weekend and had lunch with my sororeity sister and I could tell she had lost some weight; clavicles were popping, face was clear, she was looking good.  She said she had been doing what I had said to lose the weight: eating off a saucer, cutting her meals in half and just doing things that were sustainable for her.  I told her that I thought that those things were just common sense and she said they weren’t.

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