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  2. Stillborn - A Man's Perspective

Stillborn – A Man’s Perspective

by | 1st Nov 2020

THIS MAY COME as a shock to you, but 8 babies are stillborn every day in the UK.  That’s around 5,000 a year – 75% of the deaths of children under 16 years old.  Tragically, 1 in 4 stillborns die of unknown causes.

There are many worthy charities working at researching the causes and helping families with the effects.  An estimated 4.2 million women live with depression linked to stillbirth.  What isn’t readily reported, and what seems to be lacking from all the advice on these charity websites, is the effect stillbirths have on the father.  Here is one man’s side of the story.

On 29th July this year, my wife and I had our first child together.   What we didn’t expect was for our beautiful daughter, Sophia, to be stillborn at 34 weeks.

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