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Super-A Magazine Special Edition

Spa Residences

by | 25th Aug 2021

WITH GYMS, STUDIOS AND SPAS getting back to pre-Covid lockdown attendance, it is clear that Brits are beginning to invest in a healthy and balanced lifestyle more than ever before. The opportunities for yoga practitioners to take advantage of this are vast.

The power of the wellness and fitness industries to improve mental and physical wellbeing has become better understood. It has given rise to a fusion of lifestyle-integrated services and solutions that team first-class yoga teachers, fitness instructors, nutritionists, and work-life balance coaching with access to spa treatments. As such, the collaboration of yoga, fitness and spa to provide a fully integrated 360-degree approach to wellness has genuinely developed.

Whether it’s spas working with fitness practitioners to enhance a client’s retreat experience or establishing fitness residences in partnership with trainers, it is all about a combined offering. The spas and teachers (visiting practitioners) are now very much intertwined.

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