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Silver Hair

by | 16th Aug 2021

SHIFTING, GROWING, BECOMING…. Iʼm not sure which adjective you would like to use, but there comes a moment in our lives when we arrive at our place of self. The place where we accept and appreciate our true selves. How we get to this place is as unique as our own beings. Some of us arrive here very early in our lives, while others of us need a little more time.

My journey to self began in January of 2020 when after over 20-plus years of colouring my hair to hide my greys, I decided to stop colouring it to see what it would become. This was a terrifying thought to me. I asked myself why I was so scarred to allow my hair to grow in at its natural state. I truly believe that it is because from a very young age we are programmed through the television, magazines and now social media that we need to fight the aging process!

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