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Scar Removal

by | 6th Sep 2021

WHEN PEOPLE LOOK at me, ordinarily they see someone who is successful and confident. But what they do not see are the scars. No, not the scars on my body from multiple surgeries, but the psychological scars inside me – the emotional scars. They were born in a racist environment that left feelings of inferiority, rejection, and worthlessness.

My story would never get published in the mainstream media because it forces people to look inwards to recognise their own biases regarding diversity. People deny that they are racist because it is so ingrained that they no longer see it, aided and abetted by centuries of beliefs.

Companies profess to care deeply about racial equality while operating with overwhelmingly white leadership teams. The good news is that these days consumers quickly identify as hypocritical or entirely meaningless brands that stand on social justice yet express values that don’t align with their actions. A survey found that 64% of consumers are “belief-driven buyers”—that is, they may either boycott or choose to purchase a brand based on its stance on social issues.

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