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by | 2nd Aug 2021

WE ALL KNOW we should get to bed by 10pm, and sleep for 8 hours, but the reality is that many of us wake wanting more sleep yet can’t stop staying up late.

Between Netflix episodes that roll on and on, and Instagram scrolls that take us down a rabbit hole of endless clicking, it’s easy to get stuck in a loop of consistently not clocking up enough quality slumber.  This will take it’s toll on your performance, health and wellbeing, but might be a hard habit to break.

Referred to as ‘Sleep procrastination’ – basically putting off sleeping and doing other things instead – is very common. And while you might be kicking yourself for being ‘so bad’ when it comes to bedtime, it’s not as simple as lacking discipline. There might be loads of different reasons for it, but sleep procrastinators mainly fall into two categories.

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