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Powder Puff Man

by | 26th Oct 2021

I’M NOT AFRAID to revaluate the very things I believe define me. And through this process, I have learned that there is nothing wrong with a man being stoic, independent, and dealing with things on his own, because these are invaluable tools for life. Neither do I live in a traditional male straitjacket.

So, when the Telegraph newspaper wrote that Tom Ford was the blueprint for what every other man wants to be. I thought there was no man that I knew would agree with that statement.

He is incredibly stylish and well turned-out, but no straight guy wants to be known as a POWDER PUFF – I know that statement will annoy some people, but it’s the truth. I’m tired of reading superficial rubbish delivered as worthy editorial, littered with universal messages that cannot hold water.

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