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Performance Tracking

by | 9th Feb 2021

The INCUS NOVA is a small wearable device, worn in compatible apparel at the top of the spine, that measures detailed performance statistics for automated feedback to improve technique and performance.

Athlete Alistair Brownlee said, “Through many years spent competing as a professional athlete, I’m more aware than most of the importance of carefully monitoring training load to reach peak performance.

I believe the feedback that the INCUS | NOVA can provide will be a game-changer for those seeking to train and race at their best; with unrivalled insights and data at their fingertips, enabling them to get the very most out of every training session.’

James Purnell, the sales and marketing lead at INCUS Performance, said, “We expect a lot more athletes to be able to get in tune with their running form, and coaches to be able to help their athletes to train and perform better.”


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