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by | 2nd Aug 2021

PENTANOLOGY IS THE qualitative study of numbers that reflect the soul of reality. The reality of man is reflected by the numbers of his date of birth, his name and surname. It is the coding of his destiny, his potential and the obstacles he has to overcome. The figure is the graphic symbol of the quantity of numbers. The amount of numbers dominated during the last two millenniums depends on the quality of the numbers and their spiritual significance.

Calendars, numbers and alphabets have a common origin. Thanks to the calendar, we can measure the cosmic and terrestrial laws, the natural cycles, the seasons, the duration of life, the number of years etc. The process starts with a date of birth and ends with a date of death. But what happens BEFORE and AFTER? It is here that we see the sacred character of numbers and their spiritual value. It is a divine symbol, the bond of our limited reality that is visible, unlimited and tangible with other invisible worlds. The history of numbers is more or less the history of our creation and our development. The pentagram symbolises the reincarnation of man. It reflects the authentic truth about physical, psychological and spiritual aspects. The pentagram is made by using the date of birth, name and surname. The mystery of incarnation, death, transformation and rebirth lies hidden in the secret of numbers.

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