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  2. Overthinking Football

Overthinking Football

by | 2nd Aug 2021

THE FOOTBALL SEASON is starting with a Hollywood splash. Ryan Reynolds and fellow actor Rob McElhenney have purchased the third oldest football club Wrexham FC.

Many years ago, I interviewed Ken Bates, the former chairman and owner of the Chelsea football club. Over 60 inflammatory minutes, I will never forget him saying that it’s all about bums on seats. He also referenced Asians saying if he could unearth an Indian footballer, the whole of Southall and India would shut down every other weekend to watch Chelsea play.

Ken Bates was an overthinker, just like Reynolds. Crystal Palace football club owner Steve Parish once said he finds peace in the madness of football ownership, and he is an overthinker. It seems that there is an acute madness of being the owner of a football club. Or is it still a beautiful game? Despite its imperfections, there is a love that gets into your soul.

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