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by | 6th May 2021

A 2012 STUDY showed that expensive athletic wear directly affect how we think and what we do. It’s all about the symbolic meaning that you associate with a particular item of clothing.

Your clothes represent your inner motivation and feelings. It’s a feedback loop—I feel good, so I’m going to wear the things that make me look good. And it doesn’t matter about the price point, if I feel good about myself. These positive feelings we experience during a shopping session has led to the popularisation of the term ‘retail therapy’, where people make purchases based on their emotional impulses rather than rational thinking. But when does the little rush of pleasure at the point of purchase turn into a more serious compulsion?

In the age of online shopping, addiction experts say there’s a need for a greater understanding and recognition of just how damaging a condition like shopping addiction can be, and the trickle-down impact it can have on relationships, work, finances and emotions.

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