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by | 2nd Aug 2021

IF YOU’RE OVER 40 and have never trained, the chances of you making it an ingrained habit are zero to nothing. And the enthusiasm you have to exercise will wain as soon as you get an injury because you’ll probably be swinging those kettles bells that are way beyond your body’s capacity. Then if you get to the four-month mark and you haven’t seen the results you were hoping for—it will kill any ambition to continue regularly.

Suppose you disagree with the above and believe that your body can handle the kind of training expected of a younger you, and you can accept that your body will take longer to recover than it used to. You should read on.

At 63, I am living proof that, with the right type of training, regardless of where you are now or whatever injury you may have had, you can still build fitness, muscle and strength well into your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond.

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