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Moody Weather

by | 16th Jul 2021

NO ONE WOULD deny that the weather has a lot to do with our mood – a bright sunny day lifts us, but bad weather makes us miserable.  Is it all in the mind and should we work harder at just getting on with our day, whatever the weather?!

Spectators heading to Wimbledon last week would have packed a brolly, with warnings of heavy rainfall expected over the hallowed courts, and this wasn’t the only event affected by unseasonable weather recently – and if the lack of sun has put you in a gloomy mood, you’re not alone.

Research that was conducted in San Francisco – where it reportedly rains 67% of the year – suggests people do report feeling down, lonely and have lower self esteem.  There are practical reasons as to why this affects our psychology, because if it’s raining a lot, we don’t see people quite so much.

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