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Meditation for Boxers

by | 26th Oct 2021

WHEN THE TIMES newspaper Robert Crampton wrote Darren Barker’s world title fight against Daniel Geale in Atlantic City on August 17 2013 ought to be followed with interest by people other than boxing fans. Why? Because if Barker wins, he’ll probably be the first boxer in history to have done so without running so much as a mile in training. Nor lifting so much as the lightest dumbbell. Nor, needless to say, without sprinting up steps or whacking sides of frozen beef, Rocky Balboa style.

Instead of all that, when I meet him at his northeast London gym preparing for his career-defining bout, Barker is doing a lot of swimming. And aquarobics. And trampolining. And yoga. And — fight game traditionalists might prefer to look away now — meditation.

Under my guidance, Darren went on to become a world champion. Every boxer wants to improve their fight performance. And meditation is an overlooked resource for nearly all fighters. In contrast, it is the core of all Martial Arts based practices to develop a warrior mind.

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