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Medellin Wellness

by | 9th Feb 2021

IN A WORLD traumatized by the Coronavirus, the importance of a healthy immune system in fighting off disease has become very clear. The virus has sickened and killed people around the globe and a great majority of its victims had compromised immune systems making them more susceptible to disease.

It is therefore very timely and fortuitous that a unique wellness center has recently opened whose mission is to promote natural healing by strengthening the body’s immune system through a specific combination of five factors known as the Medellin Wellness Protocol. These five factors include yoga for exercise, meditation for the mind, and a raw food plant-based diet for healing the body.

Nestled in the scenic Andes Mountains near Medellin in Colombia, Medellin Wellness Center opened its doors in February 2020 and was founded by expert in Yoga and Nutrition Author, Fred Busch. The Center is located only 45 minutes from the main international airport, making it one of the most convenient wellness centers for guests to arrive that we have reviewed.

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