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Man Talk

by | 28th Jun 2021

THE WORLD IS evolving; it’s only a question of time before my generation’s men will be bred out of existence. But our legacy of fundamental strengths, values, and self-compassion, will be remembered as tools for life.

People say that I am hard on my sons because I make no allowances, openly encourage their confident masculinity, and tell them to never be scared of independent thought. I am not a pub-going beer-swilling neanderthal, but I do not want my sons to conform to the new social paradigm. My brothers and I were raised by a single-parent mother who ruled the roost with an iron fist. She was the leader – our Queen – and made no bones about wanting her sons to be ‘Manly Males’ yet still respect all women in the same way she taught us to respect her.

My eyes are wide open, and I believe we should live in a more gender-equal society, neither do I see it as a threat to undermine men’s rights. But at the same time, I was taught to be chivalrous from Day One.

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