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It Started With a Jawbone

by | 10th Nov 2021

FOR OVER SEVEN years, I was a slave to Fitness Trackers. It started with a Jawbone and ended recently with a Motiv Ring.

I’m a regular visitor to California, where my children were born, and in early 2013 I noticed a few friends with an exciting bracelet. They told me this was the latest thing, a bracelet that measured your daily steps, sending the data to your phone. It also looked very stylish – an attractive, sleek, black twisted bracelet, an incredible, functional conversation piece. I ordered one before I left.

I loved wearing one. I knew all about the declared health benefits of doing 10,000 steps a day, so I set mine at 15,000 and was motivated to not only do this daily but sometimes exceed it. It was my challenge, but I was also inspired by the bracelet’s attention and by answering the curious questions. It felt good to be noticed. These were early days for fitness trackers, so I don’t remember it doing much more. The Jawbone can track your sleep and monitor your calorie intake, but that’s all additional data entry rather than watching your activity level.

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