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Home is the New Gym

by | 21st Jan 2021

WITH THE COMING of Lockdown V3, we Brits no longer have the choice of going to the gym or staying home, but the truth is that nearly half of us now prefer to exercise at home. What is more, it looks likely that at least one in five gym-goers will decide not to return in the long-term.
Out of a sample of gym-goers, 44% prefer exercising at home, of which 65% said it was due to the convenience, 50% due to the value for money (i.e., saving an average of £100 per month), and nearly 40% because they find it easier to stay motivated when working out using apps and equipment at home.

The ease and convenience of exercising at home have become the new norm. It fits in with many peoples’ new routines; working and schooling at home means it can be hard to get some down-time, and a period during the day to focus on self becomes essential. In the study group, exercising at home was more relaxing, quieter, and more enjoyable than working out in the gym, with the bonus of no travel time.

At the same time, peoples’ awareness of how necessary fitness is for the mind and body has increased hugely.

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