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Fitness – More than the Gym

by | 28th Sep 2021

ONE OUT OF every three adults aged 50 and older suffer from increased muscle loss, called sarcopenia.  This is a condition that contributes to fat gain and low mobility but by staying fit (the definition of “fit” is: “sound physically and mentally”) we can help prevent this unwanted effect of ageing.

It is not about competing in an Iron Man or being able to perform a hundred press-ups. Fitness is about feeling good and moving without pain; without being in too poor a shape to do the activities you want to do and live the lifestyle you want to.  Are you able to climb the stairs without getting winded or having to take a break?

Today, there are more tools, tests and evaluations available than ever for enthusiasts to track, measure, and follow. But it’s wrong to measure physical fitness with any one of these – it’s much more complex. You wouldn’t measure someone’s overall health by their blood pressure alone. It’s a helpful test to monitor for cardiac disease, but it doesn’t indicate whether or not someone has dementia or cancer.

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