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Father Fitness

by | 8th Feb 2021

I WILL BE 42 this year. 2021 for me will be like any other year; balancing work, family, and my health. Sometimes it’s tough and you have to make sacrifices for all three of these things. As I’m getting older, I’m making clearer and more decisive decisions. But this article isn’t about that, today I’d like to talk to you about how my health and fitness have changed over the years and how I’ve adapted.

As a young kid, say ten years old – I had an unbelievable amount of energy. I could run all day but of course, at that age, I never considered what I was eating or putting into my body to fuel myself. At 15 I started playing a lot of basketball and also lifting weights. I can remember my Dad taking me to our local Argos and I was struggling to lift them out of the boot, my friends in the street were all laughing at me. “I’ll show you.” Every day I’d lift weights and play basketball. For hours and hours and hours. Nutrition at this point was not even a consideration. I ate what I wanted when I wanted.

I’d say within six weeks I had a six-pack and my strength was increasing. I’ve always had a very good metabolism so I was always lean. Nutrition still wasn’t a consideration. By 18, I had stopped playing as much basketball and was introduced to the local pub.

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