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Fashion Boobs

by | 28th Jun 2021

MY JOURNEY BEGAN when I was 39, when I was four years out of an abusive relationship and when my self-esteem was zero. Boobs were in fashion, and I thought getting a breast implant would be the boost I needed.

I researched and found a surgeon who had great reviews and came recommended, so I booked myself in, had the consultation, and got them done. Of course, I was pleased with the outcome – they looked great, my clothes fitted better, bikinis looked fabulous on me, and I/they created a lot of attention.

No one tells you the complications that can occur and that certain types of breast implants can cause auto-immune disease, inflammatory syndrome, and BII (breast implant illness). Then a big scandal hit: a French company had filled their implants (PIPS) with industrial silicone, which was a problem for many (but not all) women. Unfortunately, I discovered that I had those very implants and, not only that, but my right one had ruptured.

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