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Expensive Urine

by | 24th Nov 2021

I DECIDED TO stop producing expensive urine about two years ago when I could no longer persuade myself that the 30-40 vitamins and tablets I was taking a day were making any discernible difference to my body, health and life.

I started taking a variety of vitamin pills and supplements about 15 years ago when I was going on a four-month cycling holiday with unknown levels of available nutrition and the possibility of being exposed to unhealthy food. I was 42 at the time. I had 23kg of luggage, and my pills took up about 2kg. I had been to see a Nutritionist, and we talked about what might be missing from my diet and what I should take to boost my immune system. I faithfully took the pills and, with one exception, had a healthy body throughout the four-month trip.

When I returned, I continued to take my pills. I was in pretty good shape, slim, fit, and healthy, and I became very interested in health and fitness. I read extensively and added to the selection when prompted by a persuasive article in a newspaper or a friend’s advice.

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