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Emotional Wrestling

by | 26th Oct 2021

I THOUGHT IT might be too personal and too raw for Josh to share with the World, yet, as Features Editor, I felt it was important to explore the reality of bereavement, in the knowledge that everyone reading this would be able to relate to it in some form.  I am glad that Josh has a generous heart and understands that his story can help others appreciate what a positive impact the process can have on a person in the long-term.       Ann Fitzgerald

“My Dearest Son-in-Law, Mohammad Fofana (1981- 2021) has tragically passed away…

Although he was only in my life for a couple of years, I grew to love him and he became part of my Family . His sudden passing hit me really hard.  However now, although I’m still grieving, I’m focused on staying strong for all those that cared for him. It’s been said: ‘where there is a why there is a how‘, and there are enough whys to patch up my Spirits, raise my head up, keep wiping my occasional tears and make sure my Grandchildren never forget their Dearest Dad. Throwing one up there for you Mo – to the Big Guy in the Sky. Shabbat Shalom.”

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