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Emotional Intelligence

by | 26th May 2021

MIDLIFE CRISIS IS real for many. It can suddenly creep up when the fear of aging, getting older and the hormonal roller coaster kicks in. I’ve read and heard about this often. Someone will share their heart-felt story about turning 50 and falling apart and how they’ve turned it around. A tip to note is you don’t have to go there and fall apart, and equally that state can be aligned when you learn about and apply EQ.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is a feeling or a STATE of awareness. It’s about being aware of and being able to control your emotions for coherent inner communication with yourself and the interplay with others.  It’s about being in tune with your feeling state which is the by-product of thought. Stop for a moment and notice how you are feeling right now? Many people don’t have a clue how to describe their feelings.

IQ or Intellectual Intelligence was once viewed as the key ability to achieve and gain status with; however, EQ has taken the forefront as the “new smart awareness” to develop and apply. In fact, aligning IQ and EQ is the perfect goal.

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