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  1. Psychology
  2. Dying to Live

Dying to Live

by | 14th Apr 2021

GOOD LUCK, BAD luck; who knows! But I’ve had a couple of near-death experiences, and both times I had an out-of-body experience. When they happened, regardless of how much pain I was in, it was a peaceful moment of serenity.

There is a saying, “Die to live,” from Surat Shabd Yoga which refers to daily meditation whereby you surrender yourself to reflection as you would at your death.

Twenty-seven years ago, when I was in the Amazon Basin (Guyana), I was introduced to a plant brew that was said to produce effects similar to near-death experiences. They told me that it has been used for centuries in religious rituals and that it cures several things from depression to making you an Adonis in the bedroom. Being the character that I am, I did take a sip, and it tasted foul. But I didn’t drink enough to have either of the effects that they claimed.

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