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Dirty Face

by | 14th Apr 2021

EVERY MAN’S SKINCARE regime is unique, ranging from meticulous to borderline non-existent. Regardless of where you sit on this scale, you could be making washing mistakes that cause your skin to age.

The multi-billion-dollar beauty industry has women feeling bad about themselves, playing on their insecurities, superstitions, and their tendency to embrace the complicated. The industry is trying to do the same thing to men, fortunately with less success, but they still use celebrities and sports stars to sell their products. Good-looking people look great despite, not because, of all the products they use.  Sporting heroes can market things because they look good and present only the best of themselves to the public, but don’t forget about the wonders of Photoshop!  All these ‘beautiful people’ have genetic gifts – and something we cannot change is our own genetics.

In spite of the proliferation of products explicitly labelled “FOR MEN”, most haven’t even started a skincare regimen. I know this to be true because most men I know don’t take care of the skin on their face as well as they could, and we all see and/or experience the resultant oily skin, dry skin, in-growing facial hairs and acne.

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