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Cool as a Cucumber

by | 12th Oct 2021

WHEN I INTERVIEWED her, Eileen Willett looked literally as cool as the proverbial cucumber – even on Zoom.  Perhaps she was so relaxed because she was at her family home in Vancouver, Canada, visiting her 97-year old Dad, and had spent the day planning an autumn trip to the Rockies after a swim off the beach across the way.  Wild swimming is just one of the ways Eileen works on her fitness and she looks on it as her form of moving meditation.

Back in London, Eileen and her close friend, Nancy Zeffman, launched Cucumber Clothing in September 2017 and its arrival was heralded with a big article in the Daily Telegraph that propelled their sales upwards from the outset.  Their mission was to provide clothing for the busy woman; as a way to empower women to look and feel good through each and every busy day.  I asked Eileen what she thought about her clothing being labelled ‘menopause clothing’ and she said  that the brand has been embraced by women who live busy lives in the 40-plus age group including many women struggling with hormonal fluctuations .  Indeed, some of the first products off the line was nightwear to help thermo-regulate and wick the night sweats away.

They broadened the range from sleep wear to leisure wear and finally included day wear – all designed to be ‘wardrobe heros’; great for travelling, needing less washing and no ironing.  Eileen spared me the science behind the fabrics but we did talk about the ingenious use of volcanic dust – woven into the natural fibres of the ‘37.5’ range.

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