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Classic White-T

by | 16th Jul 2021

EVERY THINKING MAN owns a classic White-T.  It has always been the one mainstay item in my wardrobe and I have worn one forever.  Fashions come and go, but the humble white crew-neck T-shirt will never run its course.

It is a timeless piece of simplicity that symbolises the working class – it has an essential role in a man’s life. From sports stars to celebrities, everyone championed the white T-shirt, and its staying power is second to none. The reason why: it goes with absolutely anything. Anything.

My body metric – along with the golden ratio – is a comfortably fitting white T-shirt (same brand for 30 years), and this has been my simple go-to staple for most of my life – with just the occasional digression. The goal of a great white-T is that you put it on, and then you forget about it; it’s the ability to wear it without thought.

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