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Chatty Adele

by | 26th Oct 2021

ADELE’s VOGUE INTERVIEW provided some insight into the major life lessons we can all relate to and learn from.  Not only was this her first interview for 5 years, but it coincided with the release of a new single from her fourth album, “30”, which will be released in November 2021.

She did it in bombshell style too, with a double Vogue cover. The British Vogue cover sees the Rolling In The Deep singer in yellow, with huge honey-coloured hair, while the US version is more stern: Adele in an emerald green gown looking pensive.

The interview by Giles Hattersley, is pure, infectious, chatty Adele – and it’s fantastic, insightful and genuinely educational. While the Tottenham-born 33-year-old may not have pegged herself as role model or motivational speaker, there’s a lot to take from her words…

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